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Bryan Carr is a dashingly handsome doctoral student at the Gaylord College of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Oklahoma. He studies the construction and representation of identity in popular culture and mass media as well as interactive media. He has taught courses in audio production, race and gender in the media, video games as a communicative and narrative medium, and radio performance and operations. He has received awards for his academic and professional work, including the AEJMC 2012 Minorities and Communication Division Top Student Paper award. In his free time, he also likes consuming pop culture for fun.

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Race, Gender, and ClassEdit

Bryan Carr is White. He is also presumably a male. Some of the classes he teaches include Intro to Comm, Information, Media, and Society, and many more. He is quite a handsome boi as well.

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=Superhero ComicsEdit

Bryan Carr is actually a superhero himself. Actually, not a superhero but rather a God among men. Yes I capitalized God because he is the one and only true lord.

Bryan's work analyzing Pepper Potts from a feminist perspective will be part of the upcoming book "Under the Mask"


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